Edilock Ltd company specialize in developing of car diagnostics software, key programming and immobiliser pin code reading devices, odometer correction software and devices for bypassing the immobilizer of petrol and diesel cars from VAG Group and in production of Locksmith tools for car opening, destructive and none destructive lock opening and decoding of all kind of locks. All our products are genuine and we do not sell chinese copies. Most popular products are BMW Key Programming Device for CAS 3 module via OBD II for all E - series 2004 - 2013, AVDI hardware and special software functions , Toyota Key programming via OBD II, TANGO Programmer, OMEGA - ORANGE Programmer, TAG Key Tool, BMW EWS 3 Key programming Device, VAG Pin Code Reading, DASHCODER - Odometer programming tool and more...
All devices are sold for official use only!!! If you use them for any illegal purposes, this is your own responsibility !!!

This special offer is only for customers on the territory of USA and Canada and can be purchased and delivered only to valid address within USA and Canada.

Turbo Decoders 



This tool is specially designed to open the door locks and ignition lock of different vehicles in none destructive way. After you decode and open the lock then you can read the key combination from the tool and cut a key that will open and close the locks and will turn the ignition.

Warranty only after personal training from an authorized dealer or manufacturer.

EDILOCK Group Ltd. and LuckyLocks Ltd. as manufacturers and Trade Mark Holders of TURBODECODER we would like to let our customers know that we produce and sell the original TURBODECODER tools produced in Bulgaria as a TRADE MARK HOLDERS and we want to let our customers know that there are many fake copies of the TURBODECODER tools sold by other companies from GERMANY, LEBANON, CHINA and etc. You can only get it throughout our distribution network! The copy tools are without our trade mark and have many plastic components that breaks very easy!

Turbo Decoder for ZEDER LOCK
$650 USD
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Turbo Decoder for BMW, MINI, ROVER and SCANIA with HU92 key profile
$650 USD
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Supports all E series till 2013  E60/ E61 /E 63 /E64/ E65/ E70/ E71/ E87/ E90/ E91/ E92/ E93 AND HU83 LOCKS
It also works with HU83 locks for SOME models of Citroen, Lancia, Peugeot (door locks only)

Turbo Decoder for BMW F Series with HU100R key profile
$650 USD
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Turbodecoder HU100R supports all F series.

Turbo Decoder ADVANCED for Mercedes with HU64 key profile
$650 USD
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Sprinter 2007 to 2011


Crossfire 2003 to 2008


Crafter 2006 onwards


CL 1995 To 1999

CLK, 2002 Onwards

C Class 1999 Onwards

E Class, 1997 Onwards

M Class

S Class 1995 Onwards

SL Class 1995 Onwards

SLK 1997 Onwards

All Mercedes 2 Track Including Boots And Sunken Handles

Turbo Decoder for VAG with HU66 key profile GEN 2/6
$650 USD
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Turbo Decoder for VAG with HU66 key profile GEN 1
$650 USD
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Turbo Decoder for Range Rover, Ford and Volvo with HU101 key profile
$650 USD
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Manual instructions




Fiesta (2008 Onwards)
Focus (2004 Onwards)
Focus C Max (2003 Onwards)
Galaxy (From 2006)
KUGA (2008 Onwards)
Mondeo (2007 Onwards)
S Max (2006 Onwards)
Transit (2002 To 2007)

Discovery (2006 Onwards)
Range Rover (2005 Onwards)

XK (X150) Emergency Key (2006 Onwards)
Most Models After 2007

S40 (From 2004)
V50 (From 2004)
S80 2007 To 2011
V70 2007 To 2011
XC70 2007 To 2011
V50 2003 To 2011
S40 2004 To 2011

BT50 from 2011

Turbo Decoder for Opel and Chevrolet with HU100 key profile
$650 USD
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That is a new generation Turbodecoder HU100 OP/CH designed for fast and non destructive opening of Opel & Chevrolet locks with HU100 key profile.

Astra H 2004 onwards
Astra J
Combo van 2004 onwards
Corsa C 2002 onwards
Corsa D 2007 onwars
Meriva 2004 onwards
Tigra 2004 onwards
Vectra C/Signum up to 2006
Zafira B from 2006
Zafira C

Barina (2004 onwards)
Cruze (from 2007)

Allure (from 2009)
Lacrosse (from 2009)

Various models from 2007

Terrain (from 2010)

Camero (2009 onwards)
Equinox (2010 onwards)
Cruze (2007 onwards)

Astra (2008 onwards)

Turbo Decoder for Fiat, Lancia, Citroen, Peugeot, Iveco, Ford Ka with SIP 22 key profile
$650 USD
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500 - from 2008
Grande punto - from 2007  to 2010
Punto Evo - from 2010
156 - from 2001  to 2003
156 Sport W. - from 2001  to 2007
166 - from 2004  to 2008
Giulietta - from 2010
Mito - from 2008
Jumper - from 2006
Nemo - from 2008
Relay - from 2006
500 - from 2007
Bravo - from 2007
Doblo - from 2006
Fiorino - from 2007
Grande Punto - from 2005
Idea - from 2009
Panda - from 2002
Punto Evo - from 2009
Qubo - from 2008
KA - from 2009
Eurocargo - from 2002 to 2007
Stralis - from 2002 to 2007
Delta - from 2008
Musa - from 2009
Ypsilon - from 2011
Bipper - from 2009
Boxer - from 2006
Turbo Decoder for PSA Group Vehicles with HU83 Key Profile
$650 USD
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Turbo Decoder for KIA/HYUNDAI/TOYOTA/LEXUS with key profiles HY22, TOY48 and TOY49
$650 USD
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