Edilock Ltd company specialize in developing of car diagnostics software, key programming and immobiliser pin code reading devices, odometer correction software and devices for bypassing the immobilizer of petrol and diesel cars from VAG Group and in production of Locksmith tools for car opening, destructive and none destructive lock opening and decoding of all kind of locks. All our products are genuine and we do not sell chinese copies. Most popular products are BMW Key Programming Device for CAS 3 module via OBD II for all E - series 2004 - 2013, AVDI hardware and special software functions , Toyota Key programming via OBD II, TANGO Programmer, OMEGA - ORANGE Programmer, TAG Key Tool, BMW EWS 3 Key programming Device, VAG Pin Code Reading, DASHCODER - Odometer programming tool and more...
All devices are sold for official use only!!! If you use them for any illegal purposes, this is your own responsibility !!!


Due to the high interest of our software and hardware products and especially our special softwares for VAG Group, BMW, Renault, Toyota, Mersedes, Peugeot/Citroen and Fiat/Lancia/Alfa Romeo and our special car electronic devices our company EDILOCK Ltd starts organizing special courses for every customer who wants to learn more about how to use properly our softwares and devices. Courses will be organized twice a month. We also arrange courses in our Head office in Bulgaria, in our office in London, England, in our office in the The Netherlands and in our office in Germany!

Also special courses are organized and held for Government Institutions, Police Forces and Special Security Agencies!

Our company also does onsite seminars in different countries after boths sides arrange everything for the seminar to be held!

More info about the courses>>>

Every customer who wants to sign up for a course or wants to get more info about prices and which days the course will be held please, write to edilock@yahoo.com or info@vag-info.com.
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