Edilock Ltd company specialize in developing of car diagnostics software, key programming and immobiliser pin code reading devices, odometer correction software and devices for bypassing the immobilizer of petrol and diesel cars from VAG Group and in production of Locksmith tools for car opening, destructive and none destructive lock opening and decoding of all kind of locks. All our products are genuine and we do not sell chinese copies. Most popular products are BMW Key Programming Device for CAS 3 module via OBD II for all E - series 2004 - 2013, AVDI hardware and special software functions , Toyota Key programming via OBD II, TANGO Programmer, OMEGA - ORANGE Programmer, TAG Key Tool, BMW EWS 3 Key programming Device, VAG Pin Code Reading, DASHCODER - Odometer programming tool and more...
All devices are sold for official use only!!! If you use them for any illegal purposes, this is your own responsibility !!!

TANGO Programmer - Forensic Key Service 


Land Rover BMW Opel / GM Renault Card
Renault Card Porsche - 2010+ Porsche - 2010+ Audi Smart Key


Unique Car ID from the Smart key



Tango programmer is a new generation of transponder programmer which is developed to cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies. 
New Forensic software for TANGO Programmer is developed in order to read the Kilometers, VIN numbers, engine and outside temperature, time and date when the key was last used and many other features for different keys and transponders where it is possible to read. We will constantly upgrade the software.

The FORENSIC Software for the TANGO Programmer will be only available from EDILOCK Group Ltd. company!

TANGO Programmer - Forensic Key Service
2000 EUR
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- package includes TANGO hardware, Tango Basic software and TANGO Forensic software

Key Reader for Mercedes Benz SMART keys - 1997 - 2013




The Key Reader for Mercdes Benz SMART Keys system will give you the oportunity to read the security information available in the Mercedes SMART keys which include key number, unique ID of the key, status of the SMART key, status of the remote key, life that left for usage of the remote and start key, remark and radio freequency of the remote key part.

Price: 300 EUR

Automotive Forensic Service

Staff Includes Members of

Auto Theft Investigators Association


What is a Loss Assessor 


A loss assessor is a professional who represents the policyholder or claimant when making an insurance claim.

A loss assessor will work on your behalf and is there only to represent you & your interests.

In order for a loss assessor to achieve the best result for you, they should be instructed immediately following the loss and before any meetings or communications have taken place with your insurers or the loss adjusters. Like many thing in life how the process is started has an influence on the outcome.

What is a Loss Adjuster 


If you suffer a loss your insurance company will instruct a firm of Loss Adjusters or a claims representative whom they pay. They are there to investigate, verify and advise the insurance company if they should pay you claim, together with the amount they should pay.

The Loss Adjusters are not there to represent you or your interests. While they will be from an independent company, your insurance company is paying them, and them, and as old saying goes 'Whoever pays the piper calls the tune!'.

A Loss Assessor however works on your behalf and is there to represent your interest only!

What will we do for you? 


When you instruct us to deal with your claim we will start by meeting with you at your home or place of business.

We will then, on your behalf, prepare, formulate and negotiate your claim; being present at all meetings with the Loss Adjuster.

We will deal with all the day to day administration of your claim leaving you free to run you business or work.

Consequential Loss 


Many insurance losses in business will give rise to a claim both for Material Damage and also Business Interruption or Consequential Loss.

It is often this latter aspect where the services of a Loss Assessors are invalueable - in both the preparation of what can be a complicated claim and the detailed and delicate negotiations with the Insurance Company's Loss Adjuster.

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